ProtecPo gets a makeover !

It is evolving to better meet the needs of chemical subtances users in their prevention approach.

New features

  • The number of chemicals in the database increases from 1184 to 10314;
  • Resistance categories are now divided into four levels: STRONG, MEDIUM, LOW or NON-RESISTANT, each with its color code (green, yellow, orange and red). The user has more information and can choose the material according to the specific context of the work;
  • A new "experimental data" database contains information on the resistance of such material to a chemical substance (documented by recognized laboratory tests and / or scientific publications). It will evolve with time and ProtecPo will preferentially rely, if necessary, on the data it contains.


ProtecPo is a software for predicting the resistance of polymeric materials used in the manufacture of gloves, clothing and boots protecting against chemicals. It is based on a modeling of interactions between chemical substances with the polymer material established from Charles M. Hansen's three-dimensional solubility theory. The algorithm, powered by thermodynamic parameters of chemical substances and materials, on experimental solubility tests of polymers and validated data from the literature, is conservative and aims at guiding the user towards a pre-selection of the material (s) offering a effective protection. Ideally, the selection of recommended materials should be validated by laboratory tests using standard methods (ASTM 739 et ISO 6529).


To learn more about ProtecPo both in its use and in its principles, consult the help file


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Warning on the use of ProtecPo application


The ProtecPo user must ensure that the data they enter is accurate.
The recommendations of ProtecPo must be interpreted as a first selection of polymeric materials to guide the choice towards suitable skin protection. They do not replace the information obtained during permeation tests of protective materials.
ProtecPo does not take into account the real conditions of use of the substances and the context of the work. When using disposable gloves, as soon as contact with a hazardous chemical occurs, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Other factors present in the workplace may have an influence on the choice of materials for skin protection equipment (mechanical resistance, allergies, comfort).

The user is asked to read the IRSST Web site’s general “Terms and conditions of use".

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